Agile: Software Development Methodology.

Agile: Software Development Methodology:

What is Agile in software project development?

Agile: Agile is a software development methodology using short iterations of 2 to 4 weeks with the changing business needs.

In Every step of Iteration, Functional development, testing and continuous integration. Agile Adapts for frequent feedback for
by delivering workable product after 2 to 4 weeks of iteration.

I want to explain what is the basic difference between other project designs and Agile.

In basic design of the project, Analysis, Design, Testing and implementation, these are the basic steps, but in case of Agile methodology “Continuous integration and testing will be there” in every iteration, finally with all phases of successfully completion; Demo will be given to the client, again some changes and adjustments, finally project will be closed with successful iterations. Iteration means “defined duration for successful completion of part of project” only.

In every “iteration”, integration will be done, finally with all successful iterations, integration will be done, then it goes to system testing, then implementation to user end. That is the synopsis in Agile methodology.

So we can understand that, in every iteration two basic methodologies will be there, those two are...

First methodology is functionality design and then second methodology is integration and testing in every “iteration”.

Likewise all phases will be completed in the same manner, finally they will give a Demonstration, if miner problems are there, again make changes with testing, then finally goes to system implementation successfully, this is synopsis in Agile methodology.

The secret of success in Agile methodology is, in every iteration, integration and testing will be there. Finally it goes to implementation.

In case Water fall project process, once design is done, it cannot be changed meanwhile. But in case of agile methodology, up to the end of satisfaction of the Project Stakeholder, Design, test and integration will be done in every step and phase of the project, that is the success synopsis in Agile methodology.

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