How HR Handled Sexual Harassment: Article: Page 100

Yes, in every office, there will be a scope for Sexual Harassment.
In harassment, we can see the crime on both sides. Ladies may
give lenience, in a good feeling that, they are our Office
colleagues, We should not be in too distance, they are just
like our brothers in home.

That is good to them, but gents are taking as lenience, they
are going forward, then they are suffering so much, in one
stage, they are not able to disclose anybody.

HR Team can take some measures to control this.

In every corporate office HR Team will be there. They should
pass the instructions to the staff, nobody should wear tights,
male or female, it may be pants and shirts.

Ladies should not wear T shirts, Sleeve less dresses,
Tight Leggings, Tights may be casual, even though it should
not be tight, finally exposing should not be there.

HR team should conduct classes in HR Induction program,
about their positive thinking regarding clothing and dress sense.
They should say seriously, it is working point. If your dresses
are something loose, your thoughts will come pleasantly and

Your dress sense, should not give exposing by any mean. That
care every one has to take themselves. Keep yourself safe and
be safe for others. If such instructions are there 99% of
harassment will be controlled. They will not overcome their

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