Best Mutual Funds to Buy: Article: Page 108

Best Mutual Funds to Buy

These are the most popular best Mutual Funds to buy. Even though take care personally, read everything, which type of fund, where they are investing, how they will get benefit, observe and read instructions carefully, then take decision. Just take it as my personal opinion only.

Small & Mid-cap Fund Category
• UTI Midcap
• HDFC Midcap
• Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

ELSS/Tax Saving Category
• Axis Long Term Equity Fund
• Franklin India Tax Shield
• Birla Sunlife Tax Plan

Multi-cap Category
• Franklin India Prima Plus
• ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
• Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund

Hybrid- Equity Oriented Category
• HDFC Balanced
• TATA Balanced Fund
• ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (Regular Plan)

Large-cap Fund
• UTI Equity Fund
• Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund
• ICICI Pru Focused Blue-chip Equity Fund

This is my basic information only, if you want to know more, search everything, get the list then take decision. One thing I want to say, in Mutual Funds, if you want to see benefits, means, you should wait at least 3 years, then only you can see benefits.

Another thing is, when compared to shares, in Mutual Funds, Risk is less, minimum guarantee will be there, as well as these are tax saving also.

Before purchasing Mutual Funds, read instructions carefully, that particular fund, they are investing on which type of category, for example Housing, Constructions, Infrastructure etc. If you read likewise, you will have an idea, how much is the risk on that, then take decision.

Another suggestion is, all of your surplus, do not fund on one type of Mutual fund, Invest on Multiple Fund Types, because for every type of fund, there will be season and season will be there, if you invest on multiple funds, your accumulated funds will give good returns on average.

If you are so much interesting in investments, read Economic times news paper, then you will get good idea periodically. May God Bless you.

Wishing you all the best,