Food & Nutrition for Kids:

Basically every child should consist a variety of foods.

Nutrients: Nutrients, we can classify into two Categories.

Macronutrients: Protein, Fast, Carbohydrates.
Micronutrients: Minerals and Vitamins. Such as Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C.

Drinks: Water is most important, It helps digestion, controls temperature, helps transportation of nutrients in the body. Helps kidney function and water eliminates waste products.

We should encourage children to drink water frequently. That habit should continue forever in the long age.

When a person does not drink, dehydration will come, It leads to poor concentration, increase in stress, headaches and constipation.

Milk is a healthy and is a nutritious choice.

Five Food Groups:
1. Dairy foods are excellent sources of calcium, which strengthens bones.

2. Fruits Provides Vitamins, Dietary Fibre, Minerals, Phytonutrients. That helps body healthy.

3. Grain Foods: Cereals, rice, Pasta, Noodles wholegrain etc can be high in added sugar, fat and sodium.

4. Eggs, Nuts, seeds, Meat, Poultry: Provides Proteins, Haemoglibin and adrenalin. Protein builds, repairs and maintains the tissues in the body. Muscles and organs are made of protein.

5. Vegetables, beans and legumes: Provides Phytonutrients, dietary Fibre to help your body to stay healthy.

Wishing you all the best,