Earn money online through GPT Sites: Articles Page 11

What are GPT sites: Means Get Paid To sites. What these will do.
These are also general websites, but only basic difference is,
they will pay money to us, by Viewing their Videos, Websites,
Basic comments on their provided sites, Free posting about
their Videos, if you have any opinion to express. Sending Likes
if you like about their Posts and articles. If their articles
are matching and hitting to some purpose, you can write a comment,
on those and send facebook likes etc. These will be called
as GPT sites.

Diffirence between PTC and GPT sites: PTC Sites main purpose
is Pay To Click, you have to browse their websites then
click on those, then they will pay some amount. But in GPT
not only browsing, you should write some comments, Posts
about those sites, so payment is something high, when
compared to PTC sites. Some Videos also, they will provide
about their sites, business and services. We should view
those. They want advertise in such a way, to introduce
about their products and services.

For viewing Videos also they will pay something high,
when compared to PTC sites. In PTC your comments are
not required, whether you are viewing or not. But in
case of GPT sites, they will ask about one line comment
about their videos. To know about, they are
attentive viewers are not.

So that only in GPT sites, they will pay something high,
when compared to PTC sites. You can earn moderate income,
by these GPT sites also. Some users are settling in this
field by writing some comments, posts and articles about
their Views and websites. But this is depends on your
interest, focus on social media etc.

How to get Best GPT sites information: You can go to google.com,
in search string you can write “Best GPT sites”, then click,
you will get lot of best sites in order of priority. You can
select a site, then register, Your name and email in that,
then start your work.

Wishing you all the best,