Benefits of Oil Pulling: Article: Page 110

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

An ancient ritual over 3000 years back. A tablespoon of oil with few water, pull in your mouth and swishing it around 10 minutes or minimum 5 minutes. Do not swallow oil, trying to wipe out after 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Afterwards brushing your teeth with all natural fluoride free tooth paste and rinsing your mouth out. It is really easy.

You can use Coconut oil or Olive Oil. One table spoon is enough.

Benefits: Millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other toxins will go out. Oil acts like a cleaner. By this immune system will be increased, reduces stress.

Basic benefits of oil pulling, we can see here: -

Whitens Teeth: No need to use teeth whitening strip, oil pulling works just like that. Oil possesses natural antibiotic and antiviral properties.

Increases Energy: When toxins are coming out by oil pulling, our energy levels will be increased automatically.

Detoxes the body: Gateway of the body for such contamination is the mouth. By removing toxins through oil pulling, body will be undergoes a complete detox and neat.

Hormonal Balance: By oil pulling foreign substances will go out, by that Hormones will come into balance level.

Headaches reduced: Headaches and migraines will occur, when the body in under toxic condition. By eliminating bacteria from body via oil pulling, all these problems will be cleared.

Keeps the skin clear: Going toxins from body, automatically that will affect bloodstream, means the skin has a chance to shine. Rashes and skin problems will be reduced.

Promotes Oral Hygiene: Oil pulling reduces tooth cavities and at eradicating bad breath also. Reduces plaque induced gingivitis.

In weeks time you can observe positive effects. May God bless you.

Wishing you all the best,