How to improve your web traffic through Face book: Article: Page 113

How to improve your web traffic through Face book:

Face book is a best social media website; it can be used to improve your website traffic also. Specifically there is a post option in face book, you can post your topic or web link in that.

Automatically it will search the web link and image also, if multiple images are there in your Web page, It will give option, to select your own image to show in face book Posting.

Once you select the image option, then it will fix, then show the post. If you post all your WebPages in Face book post, at least 5 a day is enough; it will not allow more than 10 posts a day.

If you post likewise up to complete pages of your web one by one, daily 5 each.

Your friends will see your postings, then like it, sometimes, if they interest much they can purchase, Your Amazon ads, click bank ads and your website pages, they can purchase, by that way, you can Get a good commission.

In this way, you can increase your web traffic also. For getting good web traffic through Face book, you should have limitations and process before that.

Basically, you should have a limit of 5 posts a day, that is, we should keep in mind, otherwise, your login page will be blocked temporarily. So keep it in mind.

At the same time fishing should not be done in, What is fishing?,

Fishing means in face book page, if you observe other posts, if you like it, you can comment it well, then it is ok, otherwise, if you clip your web link also for that, then it will be considered as fishing.

With web link if you give 5 comments, then automatically your face book will be locked temporarily. So be careful, do not put your web link in comments.

How to increase web traffic through face book?

You should increase your friends list, for the time being, then if you have above one thousand friends. So daily at least 5, you should click “Add Friends” option in face book, by that way, you can improve your friends list.

Then you can see the good returns. Meanwhile also, you can see the good response in web traffic and your Amazon adds strength also, in Amazon website.

For getting Amazon business through face book, you should have an Amazon account, have a store id, Then open through “”, in the front page, you can see the visitors strength and how Much is the commission you earned, all details you can see.

Amazon Add codes directly, we can paste in face book post comfortably. Image relating to that it will show very clearly. That is the advantage of Face book.

So finally Face book is the best source to improve your web traffic and you can expose your adds through Face book Post option without paying anything.

You can utilize Ad Manager option also, for paid traffic, if you want. This is also in moderate cost only. You can observe Ad Manager options in face book to see complete details.

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