Earn money online with Captcha Solving Sites: Articles Page 12

What is Captcha solving sites. This type of sites
will provide some text and images, according to the text we
should select images and write the text, what they have given.
This will be called as Captcha solving.

Successfully solved Captchas: they will use for
security process. That means they will use those Solved
Capthas for security prupose, for example for login pages,
before logging in, this captcha will be useful, especially
those are logging through human beings or robots to check.

This type of commonsense robots will not catch, only human
beings can solve these captchas with their commonsense.
That is their requirement here.

Being a Captcha solver: we shold solve all these.
For that they will pay some amount to the Solvers. When
compared to PTC ( Pay To Click ) services. Captcha
works will pay more to the Solvers.

How to get Best Captcha sites: You can get in google
search engine. In google.com Search String You can type
“Best Captcha Sites”, then you can get lot of sites.
Select one best site, register in that, then start your
work, 50% of Captcha sties will provide work without fees.
Some will provide with some fees. Paid Captcha service
will pay more.

Some best sites list provided here for your information.

Captcha Websites: kolitibablo.com, megatypers.com,
captchatypers.com, protypers.com, captcha2cash.com,
2captcha.com etc.

Better to select free Captcha services without fees. Because
purely this is your direct hand work. Some will provide with
some fees, at the same time they will provide some high pay.
Finally, if we observe, at end gains are same to both. Best
Captcha sites will not ask any fees to join. It is better
to select those.

Wishing you all the best,