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Livestock Feed Production | Small Business
Most of the livestock farmers are always searching for right food and food supplementary product for their farm. Several different livestock feed needs to serve the different requirement.

The increase in global meat consumption is the major driving factor that has augmented the demand for animal feed and feed additives market.

China, France, Germany, Spain and the United States represent the largest prepared animal feed markets, market research is must. Quantify the demand and need to select the product.

Any aspiring individual can do this business with capital investment. The margin is lucrative and thus it is profitable manufacturing opportunity.

Livestock Feed Production: Livestock feeds are poultry feed, fish feed, cattle feed, dog feed, bird feed, sheep feed etc. According to demand of your local market choose the right one.

Business Plan: Crafting a detailed business plan is must. Select right product, determining business objective, marketing and financial planning is important. Plan should include setup cost, machinery cost, raw material, man power and marketing expenses.

Unit Setup & Manufacturing: Livestock feed comes in two forms. One is powder form and another is pellet form. According to the product you will need to purchase the machinery.

Select machinery according to proposed capacity of the mill, types of raw materials available, types of livestock feed to be produced, power supply available, you need to have grinding machine, weighing machine, mixing machine, pellet making machine, steam boiler, cooker, freezer, elevators, crumblier, conveyors, sifter and packing machines.

In most cases the raw materials coming into a feed process area will have been requested by the nutritionist as being necessary to meet the nutrient requirements of the diet.

Storage areas must be waterproof and well-ventilated, and provide protection against infestation by insects and vermin which can quickly cause substantial losses in weight. If materials are to be stored in bags should be kept in a building having a concrete floor.

Roof and walls need only to be lightly constructed; they are pest and water proof. Pay attention on packaging. Moisture proof packaging for assuring quality for longer term is essential.

Manpower: Proper human resource planning is important. This business includes the activity of production, marketing and admin. Manufacturing includes Research & Development. Keep skilled man power. For sales keep sales agents.

Promote Business:
* Establish your own distribution network and retailers.
* Identify various ways of promotion and distribution.
* You can establish your own retail store also.
* If you have a website. It will help you in B2B business.
* Register product in online like amazon, eBay etc.
* Field promotion with farmers. Achieve customers by quality.

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