Agricultural Equipment Leasing: Article: Page 129

Agricultural Equipment Leasing:

With the increase in people going into the agricultural business, you can make money from hiring out equipment like tractors, ploughs, sprayers, harvesters and irrigation machines to farmer.

It is very profitable business, in this one risk also there, suppose, you are providing tractor, for that you should provide your own driver with your petrol, otherwise, you should face maintenance problem.

For sprayers also, you should have your own workers, you are providing spraying machine and worker, remaining all will be given by former only. So you should keep dedicated workers with you on multiple base.

For harvesters, now harvesting also doing by tractors only, so in this case, if you have your own driver is always good, specifically, he will gain skill and can get experience also.

For irrigation machines also, it is better to provide with your worker, your deployment will give comfort and easy maintenance.

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