Basket and Broom Production: Article: Page 131

Basket and Broom Production:

Baskets are used for packaging agricultural product such as Okra, bitter kola, tomatoes, pepper, onions, oranges etc.

Since baskets are produced in various sizes, they help the farmers to grade his brands of product for easy pricing.

Our concern here is how to convert palm front and leaves to finished product for economic and commercial gains.

Basket making also, we should have some experience and skill, those persons only can make Baskets.

Every type of Basket will have, its own style and framing, So we should have such experience.

You can sell those products, Good centers in Cities and Towns and before Cultural halls.

Instead of Plastic Broom Products and Baskets are healthy.

In summer, it will receive heat, exposes cool temperature. In winter, it receives cool, exposes heat. That is the significance of Bamboo Baskets.

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