Maize Farming: Article: Page 136

Maize Farming:

Maize is yet another crop that is consumed globally.
Maize can be processed into various forms; gourmet,
flour, beers etc.

There is a large market for maize and maize is simple
to cultivate. In most parts of the world and perhaps
with the aid of scientific advancement, maize can be
cultivated all though the year irrespective of the

So if you are looking towards starting your own farming
business, a product that can be cultivated within a short
period, then one of your options is maize farming.

After processing, you can find your nearest market yards;
otherwise get the information in online through Google
search engine, about the best market centers. If you take
it some risk you can sell it, for a moderate price.

In mobiles also, get the information about Market centers.

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