What is Scarcity Marketing

What is Scarcity Marketing.

Scarcity marketing involves motivating people to buy something by telling them there is a shortage in what is available and a limited time to act.
Scarcity in marketing means to use the fear of shortage to sell more. It's a fairly simple psychological premise.

Here are some examples of the Scarcity principle used in marketing. 1. Petrol rate is increasing from tomorrow. So buy to day.

2. Gold rate is increasing from next week. So buy to day.

3. Silver rate is reaching Gold rate in this month. So buy to day.

4. Scarcity of Food grains, by next month, by increasing floods. So buy to day.

5. Coolers rate will be increased soon, because summer is coming. So buy to day.

6. Air Conditioners rates will be increasing 25% because next coming season is summer. So buy today.

So these are some examples, so consumers should aware of this carefully, but certain extent, in some cases, it may be right. So you should have you own plan and process, regarding these. So be alert.

Generally Food grains is better to purchase for every 6 months in whole sale market. You can observe at least 15% difference, when compared to retail price.

If surplus money is there, it is better to purchase Air Conditioners also, because for common people, cannot get money, at the time of their requirement, so if we purchase at the time of having surplus money in our time, is better to purchase. Then you can utilize that AC in summer.

Petrol is also, pre-intimated information, so certain extent, we can purchase in advance, if such news are there.

In case of Gold and silver, irrespective of the rates, it is better to purchase some extent, because we can utilize the same for our children marriages and equipment.

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