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Liuid Soap

Liquid Soap Making | Profitable Business Idea:

Liquid soap making business includes a wide range of processing. Liquid soap includes a variety of soaps like liquid detergent, body wash, car wash, hand wash, baby soap, dish wash etc. Having knowledge about chemical consumable industry or having experience in this field, can initiate this venture with substantial capital investment.

Plan for Liquid Soap Making Business: Create a comprehensive business plan. Select the type of liquid soap that you will be making. Have a project report in hand. Calculate startup budget with the fix and working capital needed. Clearly, fix your marketing and promotion strategy and expenses. Choose an attractive catchy name of your product.

Legal Compliance: Obtain licenses from different authorities.

* Fix your company’s ownership pattern and register your business in ROC.
* Obtain Pan Card, Obtain Trade License from Local authority.
* Apply consent clearance for both establish and operation to Pollution Control Board.
* Apply for ISI Mark at Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
* Apply for Factory License to your State Govt. authority.
* Obtain sales tax registration from state sales tax department.

Machinery and Raw Material: Purchase machines according to the required production output. It is advisable, to start with a semi-automatic plant establishment.

Have mixing unit with the stirrer with definite rpm. Filling and sealing unit specialized for packaging. Establish a water treatment plant, treat hard water into soft water.

Purchase quality raw material. Concentrate on packaging materials with the quality of shelf appeal and ease of use. Leak proof containers will add value to your finished products.

* As liquid soap, it demands huge brand promotion.
* Media adds are important. Establish a strong dealer network.
* Do outdoor advertising activities like hoarding, events.
* Create online presence of your business.
* Offer sales incentive to your distributors.

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