Production of Cleaning Chemicals: Article: Page 169

Cleaning Chemicals

Production of Cleaning Chemicals:

There are several chemicals produced specifically for cleaning marble floors, tiles, ceramics, windows and toilets etc. It is a profitable business and large market is there.

It is important to state that you would need chemical handling license and other permits before you can legally start this type of business simply because cleaning chemicals can be hazardous to people around you, please take care of it.

Please have a detailed project report, which type of adhesive, you want to produce, machinery requirement, place and plant equipment, everything before starting should have a complete report including budget details, then only you can come into this business.

Get legal permissions from concern authorities before starting. You should have a budget plan for regular maintenance also, including salaries and overheads.

Please have a perfect packing system and have a brand name to go into the market in a comfortable way.

For basic knowledge, you can see videos also. Those will give fundamental knowledge only. On practical, contact familiar industries in detail with books and CDs.

For starting these industries, you should have a life-time commitment otherwise; you should get complete details of “delivery submission to third party” also. That is also, you should know before starting the company.

No Doubt at all, once your company is running in good condition, definitely you will get “Good Will” also while submitting to others also, for your commitment and risk you faced.

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