Earn Money Online with SEO: Articles Page 17


What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
If you are good in SEO then this is the right platform for you
to settle in this field. All most all websites will prefer
to keep their website in the top of the web page, in google
search engine. Because by that, they will get introduction
to their business and services.

But all will not get such opportunity, google will keep
websites in top according to the subject customers asking
and prioritize according to their web-traffic, Offline
pagination settings etc.

What is offline page optimization: Every website
will keep meata description, keywords, headings etc. Basded
on these settings, google search will get the information
for providing to customer.

Online Page optimization: This is giving,
preference to web traffic, through Emails, News Letters,
Advertisements, Improving traffic with backlinking sites,
web-traffic generators, Web-traffic exchangers etc.

At the same time these websites should keep the keywords
according to their business, services and products etc.
But final answer is, if their website is getting good
webtraffic, that will also become one element to keep
that website in first page.

They will also take so many elements to keep in first.
They will see Offline page optimization, setting meta
description, keywords and headings etc.

They will spend Hundreads of dollars for web traffic,
to keep their site in first.

SEO Professionals will suggest them
about web-traffic generators, web-traffic exchangers
details also.

SEO Professionals will use backlinking software to keep
their website in top

Generally SEO Professionals will keep that site in first,
with the help of social media also. In social media sites,
basically, they will filter about type of customers required.
By that type, they will go in that, then they will introduce
about that product and link in Comments, Posts etc.

Examples for social Media: facebook.com, pinterest.com,
twitter.com, linkedin.com etc. At the same time google
will also provide, Keyword Revealer, Google Trends, Keyword
tools etc. By the help of those also, they will provide
matching keyword to their websites, especially with
matching content.

How to get SEO work online: Go to google search engine,
in search string, type "Best SEO Services", while submit,
it will show in two ways, they will provide the list of SEO
providing companies and SEO services required companies. Then
you can select requirement, register in that site, then
start your work.

Suppose if your are new to SEO; you can get basic
training in any computer center; then you can start your
work for the time-being. Instead of all these, trainings
will be useful to your website only for the time-being.

Wishing you all the best,