Make Money Online with Articles Page 18

YouTube: First you creat a channel with your name.
Then upload your videos from your Mobile to YouTube. Then
those are good for audience, By the coming adds on videos,
you will get huge income.

But one thing is, those videos should be purposefule and should
have some moral ethics. Your videos may be about some cottage
industry, Small home business or making products in home etc.

Generally Work from home videos in YouTube will
get top response, by those can get income by adds in the
middle of your videos.

More than entertainment, public will see more on
work-from-home videos. Because people are struggling so
much for earning from home.

In Secondary level, people will prefer to see
training videos in diffirent areas. My be Academic, Technical
and industrial.

Third priority to Entertainment & Music: One attention
to uploaders in YouTube, those Videos should be your own videos,
naturally taken. Do not copy paste others videos, it will become
a fraud case. Be careful regarding Videos.

Wishing you all the best,