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Stock Trading

Now it is lucrative business to earn online. But risk is
also there in the same way. You should have sufficient
knowledge about strocks, Forex and Commodities trading.

Some are specialized only in Stocks, Some are in Forex,
Some are in Commodities. In my observation, they are
specialized to only one, very few are there in thes three
areas. That means Stocks, Forex and Commodities.

Suppose if you want to become an online trader, So many
online training courses available with moderate fees. They
are providing books also with proper training in stock trading.

In YouTube also, so many free stock trading Videos are
thre. By that also you can recover well. Commerce graduates
can pick-up well, but technical graduates is better to
take some basic training whether in internet or
physcial from any institute.

If you can take some risk and commitment, it is also profitable,
that is depends on your talent.

Basically new Stock Traders is better to depend on Secondary
with low-price shares, that is from Rs 1 to Rs 10 Meanwhile,
If you select 10 stocks, among those 5 will be hiked atleast
after on eyear with a price of atleast Rs. 50, that is more
than enough for your investment.

Once getting good knowledge then you can jump into middle-tier
derivatives by observing their balance sheets, Debtors List,
Dividend etc.

Presently available websites are: Sharekhan.com, Kotak Mahindra
etc., providing demat account with free software through online.

But in this generally gaining ratio of the people is just 5% only.
Among 5%, you might be there with your own talent and commitment.

Test yourself, then only you can go through in this field.

Wishing you all the best,