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Plywood Making Plant:

Plywood is different from Solid wood, Plywood is made from Timber and Pulp extracting from different sources. Solid Wood is wood from Trees. Plywood is used in the construction and furniture making. It is used in cabinet making, decorative wall paneling and partition wall and as door skins or cover.

Market Potential: Especially for standard doors and windows making in building construction, for interior design in Kitchen room. Deploy Dealers and suppliers for getting good market. God through online survey for getting good market centers and supplies of raw materials also.

Source of Raw Material: Localities where the plant will be established and imports for timber extracts, pulp, adhesives and chemicals. Have a serious quality control regarding adhesives, this plays main role for getting strong plywood.

Process and Technology: Timber is received from the forests in the form of logs. The logs are put under water, in a pond, if possible or they are kept wet by water spray, to prevent decay and splitting and to keep them in a condition suitable for peeling.

The logs are cross cut into bolts of suitable length, then graded according to their quality are ready for peeling. Veneer cutting may be done by peeling, sawing or slicing.

The wet veneers are fed to the clipping machines, to be cut to the desired width, to remove such defects. The remaining processes are drying, gluing, preparation of veneer, pressing and finishing.

Machinery includes cross cut saw, veneer rotary lathe, veneer knife grinder, veneer drier, electric hoist, veneer slicer, wet veneer clipper, dry veneer clipper, veneer joiner, glue mixer, hydraulic hot press, drum sander, glue spreader.

Estimated Investment: Depends on your capacity and according to your expected output, you can plan the Project.

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