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What is Medical Transcription: Especially in Overseas
Doctors will provide audios about their medical descriptions,
details etc. in different areas. After receiving these audios,
we should provide long-hand text description in English language
with your typewriting skills.

Generally in this field, after gaining some experience,
easily they can transcript well, with their repeated audios
and information.

Medical transcription in the initial stage, it is better
to do in office only, because if doubt is there, you can
clarify there itself, after gaining some experience you can
get the work through pen drive or email.

Then you can do in home itself. Periodically you can go to
office then submit your work. Suppose if you want to work in
this field, you can get training in any training center,
in cities, now they are providing training in Medical
transcription, sometimes after training they are providing
job also in the same office.

Once getting training, after having some experience,
you can start in home with a home computer. Now in Medical
transcription, professionals are getting from 20 to 50
thousand per month.

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