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Podcast means, a release of audio on specific topic to audience. That specific topic may be tutorial relating to any subject, for example, online English tutorials, history, economics, any theory subjects , you can delivery through audio, for any specific video or images are required they will send to your email.

This is the synopsis in podcasting, generally linguistic subjects and theory subjects of Graduate and Post Graduate Students; it is highly useful to them.

Generally graduate level also, they cannot grasp well, but in post graduate level, they can understand and utilize audio courses well. Especially preparing for correspondence courses, this is a hope full opportunity to them.

In google.com search engine, you can get so many audio programs. Some programs will be online coaching type, some are regular audio, while running that audio, you can start, stop and go back then run again multiple times.

So according to your need and intensity, you can select Podcast. Nowadays are Podcasting is increasing in a tremendous way. Students has to utilize this in a comfortable way to them.

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