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Training Center: Those who are well studied,
technical courses can start a training center. For example,
Those who completed PGDCA, Software courses in java, .net, PHP;
Struts, Hibernate and Spring Framework, can start a training
center, if they want to earn independently.

Not only new persons, retired and relieved professionals also
can start this type of training centers. Their work experience
will fetch here.

Not only in this area, those who gained good experience in
database management, networking, Hardware etc. also.

But for longevity common courses also should be added, for
example Ms Office, Page Maker, DTP Courses to be added,
suppose you are specialized in Networking Subjects, you can
take supporting faculties for the courses of MsOffice,
Page Maker & DTP etc.

Only specific courses means sometimes gap will come,
so overall running the organization all these courses are
also required.

It is better to maintain i3 systems minimum configuration
otherwise advanced courses cannot run. What I observed is
Training Centers will run in long-run basis only, starting
within one year, we cannot get a boom, we should wait a while,
at the same time we should have some professional orientation
in our selected training courses.

Not only in this, especially civil and mechanical engineers with
CAD & CAM, Pro-engineering advanced courses are there, those also
can be started. Like wise according to the specialization you
can start you own Training Center. With these you can put a
board for outside projects from companies and organization.
Then you will get good growth.

Wishing you all the best,