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Tissue Paper Making

Tissue Paper Making, Small Business:
Tissue paper making is one of the technically feasible and financially viable projects which has huge returns with less investment. Major reasons behind it are increasing disposable income, hygiene consciousness among the people.

Market Potential: It is a recyclable and biodegradable product, Tissue paper industry high growth potential. The major export markets are North America, South America, Eastern Europe, South- east Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia and Western Europe.

Registration & Licenses: Different registration and license from the Government Authorities.

Machine & Unit Setup: Selecting a right location for the plant is an important factor in this business. The location should have ease availability of skilled labor, transportation, commercial electricity and water resources.

Arrange specific space for manufacturing operation, raw material storage, finished goods go down and admin section.

Some of the important machines needed to get started include the Core making devices, Band saw cutter, Rewinding machine, the embossing unit, perforating unit etc.

Manufacturing Process: The tissue paper manufacturing process includes following steps.

Pulp and Dye: You need to create paper pulp, produce this from recycled materials. You need to mix fiber with the wood pulp then you have to bleach it and wash it. Then you need to place the fiber in a mixing tank, where the manufacturer adds components like dye. Tissue paper used for household purposes is normally dyed white; you can mix with of dye colors.

Pressing: You have to go for pressing to squeeze out moisture. The main intention to press tissue is to make it dry and easy for it to enter next step of the process.

Creeping: Pulp is processed through dryer heated by steam. Dryer helps in putting pulp process through creping. Roller dries up the pulp with extreme heat as fine blades scrape the tissue to desired thickness.

Cutting and Reeling: This is the final stage in the process, cut the long lengthy paper into desired sizes, cut the tissue paper to different sizes which are used for different purposes.

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