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Work From Home

What is FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
Those are manufacturing companies relating to consumer goods,
for Example Surf packets, House Cleaning Items, Home
products etc. Nowadays FMCG is fast growing industry.

In one Word FMCG is a manufacturing industry
Generally they will maintain one head office. They will
keep all their manufacturing goods in that office. Finally
they will give a Paper Add for “Carry Forward Agents”.

Who are Carry Forward Agents: Carry Forward agents
will deposit 1 or 2 lakhs in that Head office. Equivalent
to that deposit, they will get goods and pricelist (MRP).
They have to distribute their goods in to the given area
to them. For that they will get commission form 5% to 10%.

Fast moving consumer goods “Carry Forward Agents” can select
among the manufacturing products of the company. According
to the increasing sales & goods, deposit will raises upto
10 Lakhs also, so their income will be 1 Lakh per month.

One advantage in FMCG is goods delivery,
Van or truck charges, delivery boys charges are the risk
of the head office. Being a “Carry Forward Agent” your
risk is getting orders, quick and safe delivery and amount
collection periodically. Managing delivery team is also
his risk only.

Company will never worry about, how much you
delivered and how much you get from them. Because they
delivered the goods according to your deposit amount. So
they will not worry about deliveries and amount. That is
the risk of “Carry Forward Agent”.

“Carry Forward Agents” are getting in lakhs now,
those who are in good companies.

How to get the job as “Carry Forward Agent”:
You can see in news papers and in adds also, while seeing
those, you can consult them, in one mean , it is not a job.

It is your own independent service, you can do in your
own time. Generally CFA Agents will work from Morning 9 to 12
only, remaining time they will be engaged in their own works
and process.

Wishing you all the best,