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Clutch Plate Manufacturing

Clutch Plate Making Business:
The clutch plate is an essential item for any vehicle – two wheelers or four wheeler. It smoothly delivers the power from the engine to enable smooth vehicle movement. The function of this part is to engage or disengage the engine from the transmission line at the will of its Driver. Having interest in this field can start this business as medium to large scale basis.

Registration & License: Register your business with ROC, apply for Trade License From the local authority. Obtain MSME Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration. Check the VAT & CST rule of your state. And accordingly get the registrations. Register your brand name with Trademark.

Clutch Plate Manufacturing Plant Setup & Machinery: Secure a space for the operation. Provide separate spaces for raw material storage, manufacturing operation, finished goods storage and administrative work. A 1000 Sq Ft space is sufficient for the operation. Provide the utilities like water and electricity. The machinery list includes

* Power Press 100 Tons for punching,
* Heat Treatment/Glue Hardening Furnace
* Jigs Fixtures and cutting Tools

Clutch Plate Manufacturing Process & Raw Materials:
According to the design drill the holes on the clutch
plate castings. Then fix the resin or glue. Hard them
in the hardening furnace. Then you must check the
quality of the products. The final step is packaging.

The major essential raw material list includes

* Main drive plates with shoe holder
* Liner Shoe, Spring Holder plate
* Plain/lock Washer, Rivet of different sizes & sorts
* Packaging consumables

Footnote: The long-term success of a clutch plate manufacturing company hugely depends on the distribution network. So register a brand name and expand the distribution channels.

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