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Wrought Iron Furtniture

Wrought Iron Furniture Making Business:
Wrought iron is a specific type of iron alloy with low carbon
content in contrast to cast iron. Wrought iron furniture are
popular nowadays. Wrought iron furniture is the best choice
for patio furniture. Wrought iron is amazingly durable and
sturdy and can resist even the harshest of weather. Choosing
wrought iron type furniture is that it is incredibly versatile.
Powder coated wrought iron furniture comes with different modern
and innovative design and model. Who are having interest in this
field, can start wrought iron furniture making.

Business Registration: Some of the basic requirements.

* Register your business. Choosing the right form of
business is very essential.
* Obtain Trade License from local Municipal Authority.
* Apply For MSME Udyog Aadhaar Online Registration,
* Apply for VAT Registration.
* For export, you will need to obtain IEC Code.
* Open a Current Account for the commercial transactions.
* Use industrial exhaust fans at your painting room.

Plant Setup & Machinery: A 200 Sq Mt area is sufficient for
small scale operation. Provide specific spaces for raw material
storage, production area, painting zone, finished goods storage
and space for official work. Arrange the utilities like current
and water. It is always better to have the place in industrial
zone. Availability of labor and transport is must.

Machinery & Equipment
* Treadle Guillotine shearing machine, Power Press, Hand
operated brake press machine.
* Spot Welding machine with accessories, Hand operated
hydraulic pipe bending machine.
* Drilling machine, Air Compressor with motor and Spray
Gun. Oxyacetylene gas welding set.
* Pickling Tanks, Power Hacksaw machine 6” Jaw Capacity.
* Stoving Chamber (8’ x 4’ x 4’) fabricated

Select the machinery carefully. Find a lot of technically
upgraded tools in the market. Procure tools and equipment
as per your desired quality and output demand.

Manufacturing Process: Procure plenty of raw material of wrought
iron in the shape of round, square, iron rods, square pipes and
also in other sectional forms from the market. Craft the design
then cut the sheets, strips, and tubular wrought iron to the
required sizes. Then press to shape bent in a press brake for
sides and drawers. Backs of chairs, sofas, and beds consist of
decorative designing of various kinds of flowers and leaves etc.
You can make with the pressing machine from the strips. Do welding
the sides and backs of wrought iron furniture. You can make the
holes by drilling. Spray painting gives good look.

Raw Materials

* Wrought iron pipes of different diameter size, Wrought
iron strips in different sizes.
* Angle Irons and Rounds in different sizes, Seating
Material for Chairs and Sofas.
* Coir Foam Sheets for beds, components like Nuts, bolts,
rivets, Welding Rods, and paints etc.

Procure the raw materials from the local wholesale market.
Procuring wrought iron materials from the manufacturer. Grow
your business by expanding areas and distribution channels.

Wishing you all the best,