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TMT Bars Manufacturing

TMT Bar Manufacturing:

TMT Bar Manufacturing | Start A Rolling Mill Industry TMT
stands for the thermo-mechanical treatment of bars. TMT rod
or TMT bar manufacturing is a medium or large scale operation.

You can categorize TMT bars as new-generation-high-strength
steel having superior properties. This includes weld ability,
strength and ductility and bends ability meeting highest quality
standards at international level. Under thermo-mechanical treatment
of bars, the steel bars are made to pass through a specially
designed water-cooling system. These are kept for such a period that
outer surface of bars becomes colder while the core remains hot.

This creates a temperature gradient in the bars. When the bars
come out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the core to
the outer surface. It causes further tempering of steel bars
thereby helps them in attaining higher yield strength of steel.
TMT steel bar is a newer variety of steel for construction purpose.

Registration & License: We have listed some of the general criteria.
Registration of the firm with ROC. Obtain Trade License from the
local authority. Apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration.
Apply for BIS certification, Apply for NOC from Pollution Control
Board.Obtain ISO Certification, Apply for VAT Registration.

Plant Setup & Machinery: Establish TMT bar manufacturing plant
as fully automatic manner. Procure the rolling mill machinery.
Produce other ancillary products like I-beams, joists, hexagonal,
channels, strips etc. from the same unit. Some of the common
machinery are Roughing Mill, Intermediate Mill 3.Stand, Intermediate
Mill 4.Stand, Conti. Finishing Mill 4.Stand, Rotary Dividing Fly
Shear with Pinch Roll, TMT System for High Strength Bar, Twin Channel,
Cooling Bed, Re-Heating Furnace, CNC Notching & Roll Branding Machine,
Cranes, air Oil & Water Pipe Line, Workshop Machinery, Testing Equipment.

Manufacturing Process & Raw Materials:
8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm TMT bars have
the maximum demand in the market. You must produce the materials
in accordance with IS: 1786 – 2008, in Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 415D,
Fe 500D and Fe 550 grades.

Design the reinforcement bar rolling for the production of the
assured quality product only. The mill will have sequence mix
of Roughing, Intermediate and Continuous Mills for quality
measurements. Because of this a progressive reduction process,
you can produce the bars with uniform size and mechanical
properties all along the length of the product.

The TMT bars are then subjected to heat treatment in three
successive stages, through International Process. First stage,
Quenching starts with the hot roll bar leaving the final stand
and immediately being quenched by a special Water Spraying
System. The process results in the formation of “Martensite”
in the outer surface of the bar while the core remains austenitic.

Next step, the bar leaves the water quenching line and is
exposed to air. The heat flux from the still hot core reheats
the outer surface within the structure. The Martensite formed
in the first stage is thus subject to self- tempering giving a
structure called “Tempered Martensite” which is strong and
tough. The core 15. 15 is still austenitic at this stage.

The third and final stage of “Atmospheric cooling” takes place
on the cooling bed. The final structure, thus, consists of a
combination of a strong outer layer of tempered martensite and
a ductile core of ferrite-pearlite. The rebar shall be produced
in the range of 8 mm to 40 mm diameter.

Raw Materials: We depend on steel for almost everything from
our houses and buildings, the cars we drive, roads, bridges,
machines, agricultural equipment, the list is endless. With a
huge expanding domestic and export market for steel, TMT bar
manufacturing is definitely a lucrative opportunity.

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