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Work From Home

Dealership: One way it is a comfortable opportunity,
In this you need not have a Factory and Manufacturing products etc.
In Dealership Only supplied goods you should distribute in the
given area. Generally Dealership will be given area wise.

For dealership also, they will take some deposit from
Minimum 1 Lakh to more according to the volume, area and network.
Manufacturing company will send goods to your home or your small
godown. You have to distribute those into the given area.

In Dealership also some risks are there. Getting orders
in your given area, is your risk, Supplying goods also your risk,
Collecting amount is also your risk. Company will never worry
about your deliveries and receivable amounts from customers.

According to the deposit amount they will supply goods,
then further risk is yours only.

Advantages of Dealership is: you will get standard commission
according to the given products.

Independence will be there to you for delivering to customers
and getting collections periodically. For this, you have to
maintain room, in your local area and have a truck for delivery,
one driver one clerk for writing new orders and collecting money
from them periodically.

You can run this from home itself. Dealers can enjoy comfortable
commission from companies. Getting Dealership in certains companies
is a luck. Those are Procter & Gamble, Ponds, Brooke Bond,
Assam Tea etc.

If you want to know clearly more, you can contact nearby
suppliers and dealers about their contact details, then you can
meet them directly, they will say the procedures and available
areas for dealership also. Then you can select your interested
area for dealership. In this field, Some are earning in lakhs.
Income growth is unlimited in this.

Wishing you all the best,