Aromatherapy Oil for sensual Massage: Article: Page 246

Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy Oil for sensual Massage:

Some aromatherapy oils are excellent to use as massage oil to help heighten the senses. For this you need approximately 1/4 cup of mixed jasmine flowers, lavender flower and grated vanilla beans.

Place 1/4 cup of jasmine flowers, lavender flowers and grated vanilla bean into a zip lock bag. Tap the flowers lightly with a wooden mallet to bruise them and release the fragrances.

Place the flowers into a glass jar and pour 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil over them. Seal the jar and shake well.

Leave the oil aside for 48 hours for the flowers to steep.

After 48 hours, strain the oil and discard the flowers. Pour the oil into a dark glass container and store in cool, dark place until needed.

Oil is heated slightly by the natural warmth, your skin during a sensual massage. Try to make your own essential oil or infusions at home.

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