Simple saree petticoat stitching: Article: Page 251

Simple saree petticoat stitching

Simple saree petticoat stitching:

Take two meters of long ruby cloth or cotton cloth,

Fold it in a pair of One meter cloth.

Cut top two inches for round inner belt stitching.

Then remaining cloth, keep a long straightly on table.

Take the round of waist, in measurement.

For example round is 36, divide 36/3 = 12 centiemeters.

End cloth should cut with 48 size. Then only she can walk comfortably.

So mark in top one side 12 Cms, opposite down 12 Cms.

Then do cross cutting, again you can put one side cutted cloth in reverse with equal measurement.

In same way again 0 to 2 inches cross mark, Opposite to that, 0-2 inches in the mark,

Then cut it according to the marks. This down mark cutting is, after wearing, seat will come up, upto 2 inches, that will here, in this shape cutting.

Then stitch it, you will get comfortable petticoat; even though, you can see the visual again and again up to getting comfortable plan of process. See this
video for getting practical planning.

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