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Making Bricks

Making Bricks from concrete:

Cement bricks will have an ever-end demand will be there, in construction industry, you can start this will little capital. The construction industry is the major consumer of bricks.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS: The process of manufacture of cement bricks involves the following 5 stages; (1)Proportioning (2)Mixing (3)Compacting (4)Curing (5)Drying.

Preparation: Take Plywood blocs with 4inch depth, 9inch long, 3.5inch width.

Mixing: Using a commercially prepared dry mix of concrete materials is the easiest method.

It is often called as Sak-crete and normally comes in 40-80 pound bags, Mix the dry material and together with the hoe, add water until you have a concrete that is workable to put in plywood blocks. Water should be mixed one time; it will not receive again and again with time gap, so mixing is the major role.

Machinery: For basic base, you can use plywood blocks, if you want to make something fast, you can take machinery also, to receive ready mix and prepare blocks periodically.

Drying: After coming out wet bricks, keep it dry 24 hours, then you can keep with a plastic sheet to protect bricks from cracking. Once cured, you can ready to use it.

Get More knowledge: If you want to learn in-deep, you can read so many books available in the market, you can get free PDFs also in internet in Google search engine.

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