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Fixing Tiles

Fixing Tiles, Marbles:

Another means of earning money in the construction industry. Fixing tiles, marbles, and interlocking slabs/paving stones.

Training: You should need to get training before you can start and render services. In training, you can learn about types of tiles, where those are useful, marbles and specific usage of those, grading tiles and marbles, available resources, where the raw material available for making tiles and marbles, marketing potentiality, transporting system, which type of constructions, which are useful, all these will come into the subject.

Preferences: Nowadays people are getting good awareness, they are not accepting tiles without grid on the tile, otherwise while coming out of bathroom and they are falling down.

In apartments, builders are not accepting marbles because, marbles are generally some weight will be there, when compared to tiles. You can consider all these in practical experience.

Training: So getting proper training will always be an added advantage, without training also, if you worked in this area, you can gain the experience.

Registration: Get business registration and licenses from local authorities. It is a good service in construction industry. Market your services by distributing visiting cards in your local area and at construction centers and at real estate offie and to builders. Then you will get good business.

Machinery: For doing this fixing business, you should have polishing machine, cleaning machine, basically with two workers, you can manage it well. Further, depends on the volume of business you get.

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