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Work From Home

Consultency Office: It is very profitable,
if you get projects.
Cilvil Engineers: can given their building
designs, civil designs in their office.
Vaastu professionals: Can give services
relating to Vastu.
Astrology: Can give their services in you
home front-office also.
Numerology: Can give services in home itself.

Consultency for manpower services.

Software Services: If you are having good
tie-up with good manufacturing companies and familiar with
existing softwares, being professional you can supply
Inventory, PayRoll, MIS Softwares etc. Installation is
easy, but maintenance you should take care of risk.

Web Desigining: If you are familiar with Web Designing,
You can develop Websites to customer from home itself,
but you should have customer strength and projects on hand.
For getting projects you should depened on marketing by
email, sms, placing a page in social media, Sending letters
to companies, by these means you can get good business.

HR Consultency: Nowadays so many IT Companies are
struggling to get right resources for their technical projects.
They are trying their best, in their time to get, even though it
is not sufficient to them to consider.

Then they are coming to HR Consultency servies.
They are giving instruction about their required resources
then further work is HR Consultencies, they will read hundread
of resumes, then filtering to primary interview in their office,
once they satisfy then they are sending to IT compnay.

IT Companies are saving so much of time to
review hundreads of resmes, then filteration process,
90% filteration is being done in Consultency Office only.

Once resource is selected, under review of 4 months they
are paying something to HR Consultency companies. Like wise
so many consultency services can start according to their
skill, specialisation and opportunity.

Wishing you all the best,