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Plumbing Business

Plumbing Business:

Another thriving and profitable construction related business. Building is not complete without plumbing job. In recent time, it appears that plumbers are scare to come by; the plumbers that are available in most communities are not enough.

It is important to state that you would need to acquire a plumbing skill if you intend starting a plumbing business. You can successfully run alone or with one or more employees.

Profitable Service: Even already constructed buildings are also need plumbing works regularly, for a new pump, leakages, updating bathrooms for geysers etc. So it is very profitable service.

Especially in Singapore Doctors, Engineers are available, but scarcity is there for plumbers. Some news is there, that plumbers are earning more than engineers in cities.

Training: Basic practical training is important at least 6 months under another person. Then you can do independently. Otherwise you can take the support of two more persons, if you get good order on your hand.

Marketing: Every plumber should maintain visiting cards and it should be distributed in local construction companies, apartments, buildings and to realtors. Then definitely get good service opportunities.

Registration and license: If you want to start it individually, there is no problem, but if you want to start with a big team as a company, then you should register it and take license from local authorities. Taking license is mostly useful to you only, for getting loans, subsidies and exemptions from Government.

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