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Ready Made Garments

If you are familiar with tailoring, making Garments, In home
itself, you can do.If you keep it, in the same, in Shop means;
Shop Rentals in commercial area, maintenance charges, all
these are overheads to you.

In Case of Ready made garments making in home itself, you can
cover all these overheads. By making kids garmets in home,
you can supply to shops as you like for certain price. You
will get good business.

Try to supply to multiple shops, then only you can survive,
Stitching rates are highly increased based on that, all are
going to ready made garments. Even elders also purchasing
ready made shirts and pants, if any changes are there, they
are going for basic alterations in local tailoring points.

For the time being, business increases, you can increase
your manpower in the same ratio… to avoid risk. At least
you are having tie-up with atleast 10 shops, You can feel
that you are settled in this field.

Nowadays it is a big market in Garments business.

Wishing you all the best,