Work From Home: Flour, Grinding and Vegetable shop: Articles Page 28

Flour & Grinding Shop in your colony, will give a moderate
income. In this business long-term commitment will give success,
because you should be familiar.

Medium size Flour machine enough to start this Flour Shop, With
heavy weight machines, maitenance is also a difficult thing.

With Flour Machine, You can start with Grinding machine also.
Daily so many will come for making tiffins, dosa, idly etc.

Apart this in the same shop, you can start a table with vegetables
with basic items, Potatoes, Chilli, Onions, Tomatos etc.

These are regular going items, You can get vegetables from whole
sale points, If you are having a good tie-up, they will supply
vegetables to your shop itself. They will supply weekly once,
it is enough to survive.

With Flour & Grinding shop, you can add Vegetables sales shouble
be there. In this business, 50% margin will be there. If you work
hard, profits are yours.

Wishing you all the best,