Work From Home: Mixture & Sweet Shop with Tea point: Articles Page 30

Nowsadays, people are busy with their works, in middle
class, both are working only they can survive, so in this
way for, Tea and Snacks also, they are depending on shops.

If you maintain a good quality, then definitely, your Mixture
shop will get success. With Mixture shop one comfortable Tea
Flask is enough, then it will go happily especially in
winter and rainy season.

Every thing you need not do in shop itself, daily going,
regular snacks, you can make in home, early morning, for
example Alu Samosa, Onion Samosa, Mixture, Fry Dal etc,
then you can bring to shop, sale it. For seeing also, it
will be good, if you make in shop itself means, it will
appear like a kitchen in home.

For customers, it should appear simple and fair. Some mixture
packets, you can pack 100 grams packets etc., in home itself,
then it will reduce your packing risk in shop.

Mixture with Tea is a good combination. For the time being
business increases, you can improve varites also, beginnigly
start with basic snacks, then for the time being, you can
increase varieties also, for the time being, you can improve
that with basic regular going sweets also.

Once it gets good recognition, your income is unlimited, only
sky is the limit for you. Certain Mixture and Sweet shops are
earning lakhs in rupees.

If you will not decrease the quality in basic snacks, they will
not worry about price, definitely in this business, 30% margin
will be there. So finally future is yours, enjoy it.

Wishing you all the best,