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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

Basically it is… Join, Promote and Earn.
Where to Join: Product or Service based companies will have their own website, they will introduce about their products and services for a particular Price.

At the same time, they will allow publishers with their Advertisement code for sales purpose. That code publisher has to paste in their website. Once running their website with their own traffic, while seeing their add, if anyone clicks and purchase that, you will get the commission. That is the business in affiliate marketing.

Who is publisher in this: Publisher is website owner, those who are having, can get this add-code and paste into their pages. Some times publisher may not be a website owner, those who are having, Social Media marketing skills, can also get the add-code and put into their social media sites with his username and password, by this way also, he can get business commission.

Especially without having website also, some Social Media Marketers are getting in the same way, good commissions.

Promote: Who will promote, Social Media Marketers, Website owners etc.

Who will earn: By promoting the add-code, whenever clicks his add, will get commission. This is the synopsis in Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, everyone will have his own methodology to promote his affiliate products.

Some of the methods in affiliate marketing:

(a) Email marketing: In this he need not have an account while email marketing, if any one click his product, he will get promotion. Getting Email Data is the risk of his own and strategy.

(b) By increasing Web Traffic: Those who are having website can promote his affiliate product through his website by getting good web traffic. Getting Web traffic is his own risk.

(c) Promoting through Social Media Sites: Social Media Sites means, for example, etc.

(d) Promoting through Ecommerce Sites: Generally Ecommerce sites means,, etc. This will provide add-code, by that add-code he will promote further.

Basically every publisher will select his own style of marketing strategy to promote his product in affiliate marketing.

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