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Tiffin Center

Surroundings to your colony, Tiffin center is not there
means, this is the great opportunity to you, if you want
to start a Tiffin Center.

Generally all will fear about the cleaning work in Tiffin
Center. Yes it is right. For cleaning purpose you should
take a boy for part time first from 7 to 12 PM.
Another biggest fear to all. Complete full day we should
spend for that. Need not require in such a way, generally
all will start tiffin center from morning 7 to 12 AM only.

Beginningly you can start the tiffin center with Idly,
one steel box with a TEA flask only. You can make beginningly
with 10 dozens of idly only, those idlies also, you can
make in home, then keep in a steel box, then make a flask
of tea in home itself.

Then you can come to the shop start your business, with use
and thro plates. Once business increases, you can start
another item, then it grows, again you can add with another
item, like wise according to the capacity of the center, you
can increase your business.

Especially for tiffin center, do not forget the quality and
Taste of the Chutney. If both are good, then no one can stop
your business growth.

If you grow well, then you can buy a shop or small location
to that point, then start in your own area. That is depends
on so many aspects, basically commitment in the long-run.

One thing, I will say… If business increases, reduce your
risk, deploy workers then you can survive, in the long run
in this business.

Especially in Cities, if you maintain good quality and
cleanness, your margin in this business is 50%.

One important point is, while cooking you can not serve,
While serving you can not cook. If you do both in the same
time, thst 50% margin of profit will go to fuel only, you
will get nothing.

So my suggestion is, Cook tiffin items on average at once,
then come to shop then serve, that is the only profit
mantra in this business.

If you do like wise, profits are for you, future is yours.
These fundamentals are applicable to lower and middle tier
tiffin centers only.

In this business, some are earning lakhs of Rupees and purchasing
own premises and buildings also in cities. In case of profits,
nothing is competitive for this business. Profits are yours.

Wishing you all the best,