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Fruit Juice Point

If you are familiar with fruit juices and interesting
in this business, this is the right opportunity, generally
all will feel that, Only in summer, fruit juices will
go well; that is wrong, in any season also after 11PM,
they will prefer fruit juices upto 4 PM.

For health also, Fruit juices are must in after noon.
Elderly people will depend on fruit juices only, they
may take less food in after noon. In any season 11-4 PM,
is the rigt business anywhere.

Nowadays Fruit Juice Kit steel Boxes are coming with A/C
fitting also, automatically, it will cool all boxes
in the KIT.

You can see the machine details in Alibaba.com; In search
string, if you type “Fruit Juice Cooling machines”, then
you will get all varieties, you can select any one.

You can get through cheque payment OR through Online Debit
and Credit Card process also. Some will ask about Bank DD
before sending the machine, by paying that, you can receive
your machine to Home itself.

Then you can place in your colony or common center in your
selected area. Basically first start with Lemon Juice,
then increase items only by one according to the business in
your area, then Orange Juice, Badam milk, Fruit Mix etc.

If you do not know, how to make it also, you can get the
details through “YOU TUBE” also. You can see, how to make
all types of Juices in “YOU TUBE”. Instead of books,
Nowadays “YOU TUBE” is the right choice in internet.

In this business, you can get 50% margin. Before that
you should study your location, what are going regularly,
what should be added further, How many are coming, if you
have this type of analysis, then you can GET good profits
in this business.

Generally in Summer, it will go well, in other seasons, it
will go on average. Only summer business is enough to
survive in the remaining seasons. Summer Means, it will
start from March to June. 4 Months will be there. If you
think over well all these, business is yours, profits are
yours, future is yours.

Wishing you all the best,