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Add Agency

It is something, creative and inventive, If you are
a having home, in front of the center or Road, this
will become the right place to you to start.

What will be done in Add Agency: They will collect Advertisements
from Customers, those adds they will send to News Paper
Agencies and Companies. Those adds will come in News
papers according to the given date. That is the process
of the Add Agencies. For each add they will get some
commission from News Paper companies.

For Example in One day add, in one news paper is Rs.1200,
they will collect their commission Rs. 200 in that add.
Like wise they can earn a lot on multiple adds.

But in this also, some risk is there. They have to
maintain separate file to each news paper. Because
according to circulation, add costs will differ from
News Paper to News Paper.

They have to explain to them, which is best, which is
cheapest also. For example Deccan Chronicle News Paper
will charge add cost in Thousands, like wise, Telugu
News Papers will charge, something less because regional
language newspapers, that to population covering will
also be less, so that they will charge in Hundreds.

Why Customers will give adds: To improve their business,
they will give adds in News Papers. Customers also has
to think, their add has to come in regional language
or in national newspapers.

Add Agency getting identity is a difficult thing, suppose
your point is familiar, customers will come regularly to
the same place again and again.

For getting identity and popularity to the add agency,
will take some time. Up to that time, you should have
some commitment to run in proper way.

Customers can not go to the company directly, because
they have to search for the News Paper company, Even if
they go also, they cannot understand, in which manner,
they have to give add.

So if they go to the News Add Agency, they can explain
everything, including other news papers details and they
will fill the Form add themselves and collect the money,
they themselves send the add to the News Paper Company.

So much risk will be reduced to Customer for his Add.
If it runs in the long-run, profits will be in thousands.
So you can settle in your life. Future will be yours.

Wishing you all the best,