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Mobile Repair Center

Nowadays everyone is using mobiles, so general repairs
also will come, generally, for regular mobiles also,
Power connection problems, Ear Phones, Requirement
of New batteries, Mic & Receiver failures, Mobile
Covers requirement will be there.

For starting a Mobile repairing center: You should get training
in mobile repairs, In cities, so many training centers
are there. It will be around 3 months. Even if you know
something also, It is better to get training, they will
say about chiplevel repairs also.

Once you get proper training then you can start this business.
My Suggesstion is, primary level, if repairs comes, first
go to plug n play works only, then for the time being
gaining experience, you can go deeper one by one.

But one thing is with only repairs, you will not get
substatntial income, you should PUT accessories also for sale. For example New batteries, Mobile Covers,
Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Ear Phones etc.

Including all these with Mobile Repairs, you can get
good income, according to the center in that market.
If it runs well, It is very good business. Minimum
you can earn not less than Rs. 20,000 Per month
after going all regualr expenses.

For the time being according to your capability, you can
put new mobiles also for sale. In this also, you can put
one by one, according to the market, First Button-Mobiles,
Then Touch-Screen Mobiles. If you keep on, like wise,
there is no limit to your income. So future is yours.

Wishing you all the best,