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Google Alternatives

Google Adsenese: For putting Google Adsense
adds in your site is not so easy to get acceptance.
Because Google Adsense team will fallow strict rules
regarding Content, Web traffic etc.

They are following google webmaster rules strictly.
70% of the bloggers can not get google Adsense permission
by lack of these standards. It is right for them.

But for getting revenue, we should see other ways
to get adds. These are the alternatives to google
Adsense. Follow these links. Sign in as publisher,
then get the code with your user name and get the
Code for add banners, then put it in your site.

Given below are some websites, these are alternatives
to google adsense. Browse these once, study clearly
then go through one by one.

http://www.chitika.com; http://www.bidvertiser.com/;
https://www.infolinks.com/ http://technorati.com/;
http://www.cj.com/ http://www.amazon.com

http://www.flipkart.com etc., like wise so many websites
are there to get the opportunity. Utlise these websites
for getting adds, by that you can get certain clicks
to your site.

Wishing you all the best,