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Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour: Nowadays not only ladies, Gents are also
giving high priority to the handsomeness. Especially
everyone is worrying about hair fall and skin care.

Especially ladies before marriage, generally will worry
about their complexion, if they are something black.
So now it is Prime concept and Business.

If you are not familiar with all these beauty tips,
Beauty Parlours are conducting Beauty courses also.
Some are conducting, some diploma courses also.

According to the capacity and availability, if you are
interesting, you can join in this course. After completion
of course, you csn start this work.

Beginningly, if you are in initial stage, take the risk
of hair styles, fundamental beauty works only, if you
are having something fear to tackle, initially, you can
put a senior person, for six months as your co-beauty

Once gaining experience, you are comfortable, then you
can fulfill all types of works. Beauty Parlour services
are regular services, customers has to come periodically
to get the nourishment.

Suppose, if you are in a colony, you can start this
business in one room with all aminities. It is a
standard business, to run this, you should have a
long run commitment.

Margins in this business is more than 80%, because,
your services are required to customers. Profits
are unlimited, if it runs regularly.

Wishing you all the best,