Problems about corporate employees: Articles Page 4

Dear Youth, technologies are changing for the time being.
As well as... our body speed will also be reduced for the
time being. Of course at the same time our experience will
also be increased. We cannot contribute our services after
45 years of age with 12 Hours duty in Private Companies,
so do not neglect your personal life.

Late sittings in the office will not be possible after
marriage, whether it is male or female. 80% of MNCs are
pressuring their staff to work up to 8 PM. (That is 10
hours a day). They are not following 8 hours limitation.
It is an indirect failure to those organizations.

One example I have to say, an young-girl with PG Degree
in the age of 22 she is joining. Every Year she is getting Rs
1000 increment with promotion up to 30 Years.

Generally every woman will be married below 30. After
Marriage she can not contribute after 7 PM, so management
will say, “Your services are not in satisfactory level”. She
worked tremendously 8 years. She cannot leverage the response
of the management; finally she resigns to the job.

In that age if she comes out of that company, her
mind will not allow to do anything anywhere. This is the
situation of 80 % women of corporate companies. So beware
of your personal life.

Do not neglect your personal life. Marriage, Children
etc. After crossing 30, everything will become a problem
to get marriage and children. So career and personal life
both are two wheels to the life. So take care of your
perosonal life also.

Wishing you all the best,