Overcome Hurdles of Outsourcing

Since last one decade Outsourcing is the best service opportunity for upcoming software companies. But now it is link up with so many political and social issues.

In outsourcing, service providers has to check out their longevity, standards, general income to them, profits etc. They should calculate every overhead in maintenance.

General Problems in Outsourcing and how to overcome -

Problem 1: lack of understanding of post-contract processes and decision rights.

Solution: Before taking contract you should ask them what are the post-contract problems they faced, what are their expectations regarding these.

Generally decision rights, one way we can consider, that is administrative problems. Reducing dependency and monopoly sequences. Generally they may give other works to them instead of this work, only reason is to avoid monopoly.

Problem 2: Support From Client Leaders Receiving Services is very less.

Solution: This is a big problem, if they give contract, but they are not responding to our services, they are not getting alert regarding those, it is a big problem, Sometimes we may get money, but they should be comfortable regarding our services also.

So report them seriously, tp arrange a stake holder to get response.
This is the only solution for this.

Problem 3: Lack of Mutual understanding.

Solution: To overcome this problem try to take periodical feedback from them. It reduces so many problems between them, by sending feedback, they will what are the problems we are facing, type of services we are sending to them. Then for the time being, Mutual understanding will come. Then your contract will run years together without any problem.

Problem 4: Client Retained team are not attentive and sufficient.

Solution: They will feel that, we have given outsourcing, everything they will see, that motto is not good.

So we should suggest them, please maintain correct staff on their side, to look after the leads in genuine way without delay. Otherwise Customers will forget the actual concept also.

Problem 5: Lack of Knowledge and Talent.

Solution: We should say to them, which type of staff, they should recruit, to fulfill the lead requirement, including business etiquettes also we should send them, in that approach only they should get success.

For that we should call them our service center and train them with basics. Then only mutual sharing will be there to get success.

Problem 6: Inability to fulfill the demand for service.

Solution: Call center can provide leads comfortably but on client side, they should fulfill the demand by their services and productions. If it is becoming delay, Our providing Leads will be void. So always, we should take the report about our provided Leads, what is the position of that. By that, they will be attentive and get alertness.

Problem 7: Keeping End-user Resistance:

Solution: Only providing service will never keep end-user resistance. Sometimes provider will not have complete scope on end-to-end user result. So in such case for new methodologies, new technologies we should suggest them. Then they will keep on for the time being.

problem 8: Clash between Client and Service Provider.

Solution: For avoiding these problems, we should have clear cut agreement papers. If any query comes between stake holders, we should refer them to see the agreement papers clearly. If they want more, can come for additional service with nominal additional charges. We can solace them with clear understanding.

problem 9: Changes will come everywhere.

Solution: Generally providers will feel that, our agreement is this, more than this our requirements are increasing day to day, changes are becoming regular. Solution for this, we should educate them, once increasing requirements and changes means it is good process of development in anywhere. We should accept those, we can sit together then go for new enhancements with additional charges.

Wishing you all the best,