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Catering Service

Catering Service: What is Catering, Supplying Meals, Tiffins, Teas etc. to the required
functions in function halls and events in home.

Those who are having good knowledge of cooking and able to serve well,
this is a good business without any doubt. You cn earn a lot in this
business, Margin will be 50% in this business, because instead of cooking,
serving is the biggest risk, so that you can gain 50% margin.

But here some risk is there, you should maintain Visting Cards about
your Catering Services, to all function halls and regular floating
shops also. Then only you will get contacts to Catering services.

You should have the complete knowledge of cooking, where to get
vegetables in whole sale points, for how many people, how many
plates are required, how much of rice and other items, we should
cook, in all these points, you should have complete planning.

Some are maintaining with catering sevices, they are maintaining
tent houses also, for supplying Chairs, Plates, cooking Vessels,
Basic water for cleaning, Drinking water in functions etc.

If you maintain, Catering with Tent house, your income will
be doubled, generally customers will happy, if all their
requirements are getting in the same place in one point.

You should not forget to maintain the good quality and taste
and service. You should keep good "Service boys" also in catering.
Otherwise it will become a difficult thing in Catering.

Always you should maintain "Catering boys" minimum 10 persons
on hand, call-on-serve basis. If it runs well, profits are unlimited.
If your house is infront of the road, you can maintain all things
in one room of the front, then your profits are unlimited.

Regarding only catering services means, you can run purely from
home itself, without any doubt. So Profits are unlimited,
Life is yours.

Wishing you all the best,