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Online Tutor: If you are familiar with one
type of skill, you can do as online tutor. So many
websites are there to receive your services. Your
skill may be in DTP or Web Designing or SEO etc.

Some websites are here, to take you as tutor, you can
utilize your specific skill only as tutor, you need
not learn separately for this.;;;;; like wise so many
websites are there.

In google search engine; in search string: you can
type “Online Tutorial sites”. Then you can get lot
of websites. Select one website, register on that
site as tutor, then they will send details to you

Generally, in these sites, students will ask about
mathematics, english and some sciences, students will
prefer, for that, they will charge something; in that
70% fo the amount they will pay to you. So it is reasonable.
Remaining amout, they will use for website maintenance.

Not only that, some Software guys will ask tutors, in
these websites about their technologies, especially java,
j2ee, ejb, struts, hibernate, sping frame works etc. If you
are familiar in any one of these, you can take the task.

Task selection is your choice, after succeful completion
of the task, they will put your amount in your wallet in
that website. Then you can withdraw for the time being.

Some professionals are settling in this field. Being a
tutor, in home, you should have a desktop with perfect
voice responders, that is ear phones.

Earning in this filed in home itself, earning lakhs of rupees.

Wishing you all the best,