Earn Money Online: Become an online seller through Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart,Snap Deal: Articles Page 43

Become an Online Seller: If you are having a website,
You can put all Product codes in your wibsite to sell
through online, that means in internet.

How to do that: Go to amazon.com, register in that, It
will provide a Store Code, with that, you can start your
selling process, through your site.

How to register in Amazon.com: Go to assciates.amazon.com,
then it will ask your email and password, then it will
ask your details about payment information, tax details,
then It will provide a Store Code, that Store Code is Uniq,
by that, it will provide html code for all products in that
e-commerce website.

By that code, you can paste in your website, then it will
display that product, in your website. Likewise, you can
earn a lot by sales commissions.

Likewise so many e-commerce sites are there, to sell online
through your website. Not only in that, in Facebook.com also,
you can paste the same HTML Code to your friends and colleages,
in the comments block. By that also, you can earn commissions.

You can do in Ebay, Flipkart and SnapDeal websites etc.

If you want to see E-Commerce sites; You can see in google
Search also, by typing string “E Comerce Websites”, then it
will show, lot of sites, you can register in those sites,
with your Email and Password.

Some Websites are earning In Lakhs in Online, Becoming an
Online Seller. So future is yours.

Wishing you all the best,