How to write a Home Page: Articles Page 48

Home Page Writing

For every website a beginning page is required, that
will be called as Home Page. Generally every Home page
will show the actual theme of the website.

For basic purpose, we can devide the Home Page in to Parts.

First Part is: Every Home page will have a
Logo and a Menu. So first define your Logo. Put the
technolgoies Next, first you should have an idea,
which type of LOGO,

you should have an Idea, that LOGO may be baiscally name
of the website in bold letters, then an ICON expressing
the name of the website.

Second Part is: Menu, In your basic Menu,
what are the elements you want to put in that. Generally,
it will be like wise: HOME, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, MEMBERS,
ABOUT menu etc.

Beginningly do not think, very deeply, you can change the
website MENU Items, for the time being, it is increasing.
So do not worry about that, So put some MENU items

Thrid part is: What is the Basic Heading of your
website, It relates to your theme and content. For this
also, do not think very seriously, Put a heading approximately.
If requriement is there, you can change as you like, because
site is yours.

Foruth Part is: Your image relating to your website
or content or your roganization.

Fifth Part is: Your Content is like a papragraph,
depicting your ideas relating to your website.

Sixth Part is: Continuity pages to the next page
or pages.

Seventh Part is: Suppose, if you have a copy right,
right that information in this part, Or otherwise you
described above content is relating to your company,
organization or Individual, simple One line is enough.
Basically you need not provide, copy right etc. Just
content information is enough.

If you fulfill all the above parts approximately, your
website Home page is over.

Adding to these, for getting income on your website, you
should put adds in your home page, generally top and
bottom of the page. Those also you can see in this.

With these you can put CSS files, Cascading Style Sheets,
Primarily leave about that information, I will explain,
later about those details in the next topic.

How to see the sample code for your Home page: if you
want to write html code yourself, first select one smaple
information from any simple website you like, Put “Ctrl+U”
On the screen, then you will get source code, by seeing
that, you can write your own code for the time being easily.

Wishing you all the best,