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Courier Point: Nowadays so many Courier Points
are there, those are not independent, they are taking
Franchise from Established Courier Companies.
In Franchise Branches also, generally they will
give 30% margin will be there. Margin means those
companies will allot 30% of their feeses
will be alloted to Franchise Branches.

So it is good and sofesticated business. All most all
the policies and banners, Shop Shows everything will
come from Head office.

Being a Franchisee, your work is service only,
including delivery boys also company will provide,
your work is receiving orders, sending couriers
to delivery boys.

Especially this type of Franchise Courier Centers
will be taken by Physicall Handicapped Persons,
House wifes, Retired Persons. Not only those
Middle aged persons, Un-employees also can do
this business perfectly.

Generally, With Courier point, some persons will
include a Xerox point or some will include 2 systems
for internet, some will include Lamination
machines, like wise according to their ability
and Knowledge.

Wishing you all the best,