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Interior Design: Nowadays, so many are interesting
in upgrading their home with best interior Design.

Those who are having own houses, generally interesting
to update their kitchen, generally women will work in
kitchen, atleast 5 hours in a day approximately.

If their kitchen room is convenient, they will be refreshed
well, So many Interior designers are there to do this type
of works.

Once you allot the responsibility to them, they will show,
so many photos and types of interior design according to
your investment & cost they will explain everything.

Once if you select one design, then rest of the things
they will see. Not only kitchen room, you can take
interior design to whole house also, but cost is
according to your investment limit.

For starting office, you can maintain one single room in your
house; have a landline phone specifically for Interior
Design office. In the beginning stage, you can run
yourself, Once getting good orders, you can maintain
a Receptionist to receive calls.

Take Visiting Cards, that is most important, Visiting
Cards will give the actual business to you. You can
advertise with pamplets also.

Pamplets and Visiting Cards, you can distribute in
hostels, Special Tea Points, Restaurants, Building
Construction offices, Real Estate Points etc.

By those points only, you will be identified about
your Interior Design Office.

What are the qualifications we should have: Basic Work
Experience in Interior Designing is enough, previously
if you work 2 years under a good office, you can learn

But for learners, others and students, some Interior
designing courses are also there, From ITI Level,
Diploma Level, Degree Level, PG Level also so many
courses are available.

Even after having qualification also, you should have
minimum 2 years experience in any company. Then you can
start independently. Practical Direct work experience
will see everyone.

For starting interior design, you should have a team,
for wooden works, wooden window making, Iron & Steel,
wash basin settings one Plumber, One Painter, One
worker for wall pasting, One worker for cleaning walls,
One pest control professional for Old buildings etc.

One Best Sticking person for floors and walls, likewise,
you should have the list of contacts to start immediately,
once you get the order.

For the above team, you can pay on Daily-basis, if works
are increasing; you can put them on monthly salary base.
That is your capability and depends on work-orders.

Once you get good recognition, Only sky is the limit for
your profits, You can directly charge from customers,
100% working Cost + 40% Service Charge.

Because human work will play high roll in Interior Design
work. If you explain clearly, No doubt you will get
good orders.

Nowadays, Cinema theaters, Shopping centers, Duplex
Houses, Row-houses are taking high priority to
interior design.

Wishing you all the best,